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Learn about Massage Works Therapy Center
Massage Works Therapy Center has been recognized as one of the most outstanding locations in Fort Wayne to provide restorative treatments and massage therapy services. With two locations in Fort Wayne area, we are able to accommodate a broader demographic of our city to help treat clients with prolonged pain and stress, or those simply looking for a place to relax.

Our Massage Therapists in Fort Wayne

Suzie Shively
Suzie is a Licensed Massage Therapist who studied at the Swedish Institute of Massage in New York City. Her training there encompassed both Western and Eastern techniques. Her interest in massage therapy developed after being trained in reflexology and working on family and friends. Naturally learning massage therapy followed and her schooling focused on Swedish massage and Japanese Shiatzu. Her approach utilizes Swedish Spa Massage, British Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Myofascial Release. Suzie loves to travel and has been to China several times as well Europe, South America, and Caribbean. She is always looking for the next adventure! She provides a quiet environment during her massage if that is what you prefer but is open to interaction as well. You can book with Suzie at our Jefferson location the following days and times:

Monday 10am-1:45pm
Ashley Silva
Ashley is from Oregon but has lived in Indiana for 16 years! Her interest in massage started when she was around 18 years old. She has always wanted and been able to help others. She loves being able to help others live their everyday life with reduced pain. She is passionate about wanting to help people grow and understand their body and patterns so they can become more well-rounded individuals. She is LGBTQ+ friendly and welcoming to all individuals! In Ashley’s free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, music, and live concerts. She is currently Reiki 2 certified, and is certified in John Barnes Myofascial 1, 2, and unwinding. Ashley is also trained in Relaxation, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal massage. She plans to continue her massage education and learning other modalities, including lymphatic massage as well. You can book with Ashley during the following days and times:

Sunday 10am-5pm (Alternating)
Monday 5pm-8pm
Tuesday 2pm-8pm (Some/Alternating)
Friday 2pm-8pm
Brita Matuska
Brita was born and raised in Fort Wayne and her interest in massage started because it allowed for her to help people in a hands-on fashion. She enjoys massage because it is a great way to help people not only escape, but also care for their health. Seeing her clients leave feeling relaxed and better than when they arrived is a gift to be able to witness. During her down time, Brita enjoys taking walks and listening to music to help care for her mental health. She is passionate about plants, minimalism, and vintage pieces (since they have a story and she can continue telling the story). Brita specializes in Deep Tissue massage as well as head, neck, and shoulder work. She also is trained in prenatal and relaxation massages. She hopes to continue her education in Cranial Sacral, Myofascial Release, and Lymph massage in the future. You can book with Brita during the following days and times:

Monday: 10am-3pm
Thursday: 2pm-8pm
Friday: 10am-3pm
Sunday: 10am-5pm
Kathy Ngo
Kathy was born and raised in Fort Wayne and her interested in massage started because she has always been in the health field and always loved lending a helping hand. Being able to help people drives her to keep doing better. She believes that happiness comes from within so she wants to be able to share that through massage therapy. Kathy began practicing massage in 2020 and graduated from Indiana Wellness College in March 2021. She loves most about massage therapy, being able to meet amazing and kind people, hearing people’s life stories, and creating potentially lifelong friendships. In Kathy’s down time, she enjoys going to the gym, traveling, hiking, cooking, and meal prepping. She is passionate about being an advocate for self-care. “You cannot pour from an empty cup”. Kathy is trained in relaxation, prenatal, and deep tissue massage. Kathy believes there is always room for improvement and growth. She is eager to have other great modalities and techniques under her belt someday, like Shiatsu and Graston technique. You can book with Kathy during the following days and times:

Monday: 2pm-8pm
Tuesday: 10am-1pm
Wednesday: 10am-1pm
Sunday: 10am-5pm
Casey Fiandt
Casey is originally from Tennessee but has lived in Fort Wayne since 2019. Her interest in massage began when she received her very first massage at the age of 22 after a difficult time in her life. Her sister purchased her a package, and after only 3 sessions, Casey was able to work through and process what was happening in her life at the time. Massage helped her through this dark place in life. She has since then had other careers, but when the opportunity came to learn Massage Therapy, she took that offer to fulfill a life goal of hers. This career also has benefited her family, as they have supported her success as an MT and have volunteered their time and bodies for her to practice her massage skills through school. She enjoys being able to not only see, but also hear, when a client is releasing tension. In Casey’s free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, teaching, gardening, and playing with her puppy (Jude). She is passionate about helping others, and she has a sense of fulfillment when she shares her love and kindness with others. Casey began practicing massage in 2020 and is now licensed and trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, and Trigger Point therapy. She hopes to further her education in Cranial Sacral and Reflexology massage. She also looks forward to experiencing massage in every new place she travels; including her next excursion to Iceland. You can book with Casey at the Jefferson location during the following days and times:

Thursday: 2-8pm
Friday: 3-8pm
Saturday: 1-5pm
Lydia Bates
Lydia is from the Bluffton area but moved here for college in 2011. She also lived in Colorado for a short time but has found her way back to Fort Wayne. Her interest in massage sparked after receiving her first massage as a teenager. Her therapist had the ability to personalize the massage according to Lydia’s needs, just in the short time of meeting her, and made her feel so loved and cared for. Lydia was so impressed with this ability, she decided she also wanted to learn this skill. Lydia enjoys having the ability to facilitate a peaceful and comfortable space for clients, so they can allow their tissues to heal. Lydia likes to garden, cook, do yoga, read, and rough-house with her dog in her free time and She is passionate about finding ways to live with a little less stress in this world. Lydia is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, and Trigger Point therapy. She plans to continue her education by becoming certified in Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, and Aromatherapy. You can book with Lydia at the Jefferson location during the following days and times:

Monday: 10-2pm
Tuesday: 2-8pm
Wednesday: 3-8pm
Most Saturdays: 10am-5pm
Chrissy Cameron
Chrissy is from the Converse, Indiana area but moved here when she got married. Her interest in massage started when she would massage her Dad’s feet. Chrissy figured she should be formally trained in massage, so she would know how to massage her father’s feet correctly. She began practicing in 2018 with her massage license but has been working on her massage skills most of her life. She enjoys being able to help her clients feel and perform better. Chrissy enjoys sewing, knitting, crocheting, reading, and traveling in her free time. She is passionate about making her corner of the world a better place, God, and her family. Chrissy is trained in Relaxation, Trigger Point, Lymphatic, and very strong Deep Tissue therapy. She is a life-long learner and always seeks to add more tools and techniques to improve her clients’ service. You can book with Chrissy during the following day and time:

Tuesday: 3pm-8pm
Thursday: 3pm-8pm
Friday: 3pm-8pm
Gabrielle Renbarger
Gabrielle is a Fort Wayne native and her interest in massage began with the desire to optimize one’s health in a holistic way. Seeing a positive change in one’s quality of life and the optimization of health sparked her interest in massage therapy. Gabrielle’s most satisfying element of being a massage therapist is seeing the lasting results in her client’s lives and simply educating them on how to form healthy habits and ultimately develop a healthy lifestyle. In her free time, Gabrielle enjoys nurturing and teaching her son, playing beach volleyball, and time at the lake. She is passionate about holistic lifestyles, faith, and her family. Gabrielle provides Swedish and Deep Tissue, and Lymphatic massage. She is also skilled in hot stones, Prenatal, and has some training in Trigger Point and Myofascial technique. She plans to further her career in massage by learning more about pre/post-natal/internal massage, reflexology, and raindrop therapy. She is also in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Innovative Medicine and Nutrition. You can book with Gabrielle at the Jefferson location during the following days and times:

Tuesday: 9am-2pm (Alternating weeks)
Thursday: 9am-2pm and 2pm-7pm (Alternating weeks)
Friday: 12pm-5pm and 2pm-7pm (Alternating weeks)
Saturday: 9pm-2pm
Dana C.
Dana grew up in both Boulder, Colorado and Toledo, Ohio but moved to the Fort Wayne area in 2002. Her interest in massage therapy started at a very young age. When she was a teenager she started with family and friends, and her love for massage therapy grew from there. Dana loves helping people heal both physically and emotionally and she enjoys the relationships she builds with her clients. She wants to continue learning massage and strives to be the best therapist she possibly can be. Dana is passionate about working with orphanages and children in the foster care system. She has spent quite a bit of time overseas helping run an orphanage as well. She would like to find a way to incorporate massage and healing touch into the lives of those that come from broken homes and families to make them feel worthy, chosen, and safe. When Dana is not working, she loves spending time outdoors! Hiking, swimming, sports, reading, church, gardening, and spending time with her family and friends are all things she enjoys in her free time. Dana is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point,and Lymphatic massage. You can book with Dana at the Jefferson location during the following days and times!

Monday: 9am-4:15pm Dupont
Tuesday 9am-4:15pm Dupont
Wednesday 9am-3pm Jefferson
Thursday 9am-3pm Jefferson
Alex Contreraz
Alex was born in Ohio but moved to Fort Wayne at a young age so she has lived in Fort Wayne for most of her life. She began practicing massage in 2019 and loves being able to help people find relief from their ailments. Alex believes it is an honor for her to be able to work on clients and have them feeling like a whole new person when they leave her table. In her free time, she loves being outdoors and doing things like hiking, canoeing, and soon biking. Alex also loves attending music festivals and other concerts as well. Music and the outdoors have a way of healing her soul. Alex is passionate about massage as well as creating a life that brings peace to herself and those around her. She strives to put only good thoughts and energy out into the universe, as well as taking good care of herself and others in order to live a full and happy life. Alex’s modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Sports, and Oncology massage. She wants to continue to learn as much as she possibly can in the field of massage therapy and plans to take many more classes and seminars in the future. You can book with Alex at the Jefferson location during the following days and times:

Monday 12pm-8pm
Tuesday 12pm-8pm
Thursday 10am-3pm
Friday 10am-3pm
Saturday 10am-2:30pm alternating every other
Susan Dickes
Susan Dickes
LMT and Certified Reflexologist
Susan Dickes has lived a variety of locations, including Florida, Georgia, and several cities in Indiana. She has been practicing Reflexology since 1995 and Massage Therapy since 2003. Susan became interested in Massage Therapy and Reflexology because of her desire to learn about natural/internal healing for the mind and body. She enjoys having the opportunity and ability to help others through Massage Therapy. She is extremely passionate about her work, but in her down time Susan enjoys reading, gardening, spending time with family and grandchildren, as well as going to church. Her specialty is in Reflexology while she also provides treatments in Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Relaxation. You can book with Susan at the Jefferson location during the following days and times!

Monday 1pm-6pm
Wednesday 1pm-6pm
Friday 1pm-6pm
Every other Saturday 12pm-5pm
Jess Weigold
Jess Weigold
Jess a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing since 2013! She was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She loves this city and her father is her hero; as he is a retired Fort Wayne Police Officer who spent 28 years serving Fort Wayne. As a teenager, Jess found inspiration within her best friend’s mother, who had her own massage business at Hamilton Lake! Jess was always helpful and hands on as a teen when her friends would complain of tension in their neck or shoulders. She enjoys providing a service to the public who have tough jobs and chronic pain. Jess has serviced many clients in the past with Multiple Sclerosis and she was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, which is similar to MS, and without her knowledge of previous clients suffering from MS, Jess wouldn’t have recovered so quickly. In her free time, Jess loves spending time with her three dogs, and she loves tending to plants! She is passionate about rescuing animals, especially dogs, and volunteered at the FWACC a few years back. She would love to learn more and advance her knowledge In the field of Massage Therapy in effort to further help those in need. Jess offers Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Therapeutic massages. You can book with her at the Jefferson and Dupont locations during the following days and times!

Tuesday: 10am-2pm Jefferson (alternating every other)
Wednesday: 10am-3pm Jefferson
Thursday: 3pm-8pm Jefferson
Friday: 3pm-8pm Jefferson
Saturday: 10:45am-5pm Dupont
Dina Okanovic
Dina Okanovic
Licensed Esthetician
Dina has lived in Fort Wayne for 15 years and started her Massage journey as an Esthetician. She began practicing massage in 2016 and she enjoys healing clients with her services. Dina just finished schooling to be an LMT. She is passionate about skincare, health, and holistic healing. Dina provides an array of treatments from facials, facial waxing, under arm waxing, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish, and Lymphatic massage. Her massage is very thorough and she makes sure she is applying just the right amount of pressure to suite your needs and ensure you are getting the massage your body needs. Dina enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and spending time with family in her downtime. You can book with Dina at our Jefferson location during the following days and times!

Monday: 2-8pm
Tuesday: 3pm-8pm
Wednesday: 10am-3pm
Thursday: 10am-3pm
Friday: 10am-2pm
Saturdays: 10am-3pm (alternating every other)
Dawn Smith
Dawn Smith
Licensed Esthetician
Dawn grew up in Payne, Ohio but now resides in Fort Wayne and has since she was married. She has been practicing massage since 2011 and is also an Esthetician. Dawn enjoys reducing stress for her clients through massage therapy. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, reading, having dinner and playing cards with family, spending time with her boys and grandkids, and vacationing with her husband. Dawn offers a great Swedish/Relaxation massage with medium to firm pressure as well as Lymphatic massage. She enjoys geriatric massage as well. You can book with Dawn at our Jefferson location during the following days and times!

Wednesday: 2pm-8pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
Michael Windsor
Michael Windsor
LMT & Owner of Massage Works Therapy Center
Owner of Massage Works Therapy Center and licensed massage therapist. He specializes in deep tissue, therapeutic massage, as well as myofascial release and craniosacral therapy techniques. Michael has over a decade of experience in the massage industry. He has been a professor as well as a Program Chair where he was responsible for all aspects of producing highly skilled massage therapists. His primary focus now is building a massage business on the foundation of the highest quality, most talented, and dedicated Licensed Massage Therapist in the industry. Due to this, his massage schedule is very limited and is available mostly by request only. Whether you have an acute injury, are in need of pain relief, or you just want to treat yourself; Massage Works has a therapist for you!
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