Benefits of Himalayan Salt + Treatments

Himalayan salt is a natural, healthier option to processed salt. It is pure, unprocessed salt that can be found under ancient sea beds. It has a lot of nutritional and therapeutic properties because it contains 84 minerals and a unique ionic energy when mixed with liquid.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Improves Your Respiratory
Its been proven that taking Himalayan salt can improve mucus clearance, as well as remove any pathogens trapped in your body. In a recent study, patients with COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) who used a dry salt inhaler experienced a better quality of life from asthma. It also works to cleanse the respiratory system because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rejuvenates your skin
Contains detoxifying properties that help balance the body’s pH levels. Its antibacterial property helps remove dirt and dead skin cells trapped deep within the pores. It can also help treat acne because it is a natural antiseptic that kills acne-causing bacteria.

Helps with pain and soreness
A massage with Himalayan salt helps relax cramped muscles, sore muscles and injured muscles. The traces of minerals in the Himalayan salt are absorbed through the skin, promoting the healing of muscles.

Himalayan Salt Massage Therapy

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Massage Works FW has recently began offering Himalayan salt stones that can be incorporated into a massage. This add-on is a therapeutic alternative to a traditional stone massage and has a lot more benefits. The salt stones use their minerals to help stimulate circulation, detoxify the skin, reduce inflammation, calms the nerves and much more!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

This lamp is created from a Himalayan salt crystal. It works by purifying the air from toxins like pollen, smoke, dander and other pollutants that might be floating through the air. As an upgrade we use this lamp for a healthier massage at Massage Works FW.

It’s also believed that the lamp produces negative ions that neutralize electromagnetic radiation absorbed by the body from electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellphones, computers, TVs and other electronics.

A Warm Foot Wrap Infused With Himalayan Salt

Having your feet wrapped in a warm towel infused with Himalayan salt has great benefits. The heat and the Himalayan salt infuse together to open up the pores and detoxify you detoxify the body at a much faster rate.

Book a Massage Therapy Session Infused with Himalayan salt

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