Long Time Beauty Secret, Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax treatments were developed in the 1950’s and peaked in the 1960’s, but its been recorded that paraffin has been used in holistic medicine since the Roman Empire. Paraffin treatments remove pollutants from your skin, reduce wrinkles, improve circulation, and soothe sore muscles and joints.

There are a lot of benefits to this relaxing treatment. Paraffin wax is warm when it is applied and retains heat for longer periods of time. The heat allows the pores in the skin to open up, which in return will release toxins and dead skin cells. This heat also helps ease pain and stiffness in your muscles and joints because the heat increases blood flow within the area it is applied and worked in.

Purifies Your Skin

Paraffin wax opens up the pores and rids the skin from dead cells, hydrates and moisturizes your skin. If you have chapped, dry, rough or scaly skin, a paraffin wax will help make your skin smooth and soft. A massage combined with a paraffin wax also stimulates the muscles in the area. The massage can also be combined with other essential oils that are all absorbed into the skin, leaving the skin bright and healthy.

Soothes Injuries and Sore Muscles

The paraffin wax traps heat near the area, which helps stimulate the sensory receptors that relive pain. The healing rate also quickens as blood flow is increased within that area. Combine it with a regular massage or deep tissue massage to effectively take advantage of all the benefits.

Helps With Arthritis

Paraffin wax treatments are known to aid with rheumatoid arthritis. Patients who incorporated paraffin in their massage therapy experienced more pain relief and stronger hands compared to those who did not use a paraffin wax massage. The heat helps reduce pain and helps relax the joints and muscles. The warmth also helps improve nerve conditions lost by arthritis when combined with a massage.

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