The Things Psychologists Do Everyday to Feel Happy


Psychologists practice what they preach when it comes to the daily rituals that make for a happier life. They argue the root of happiness is within self-care, so shouldn’t feel selfish if you need to take more time for yourself. Psychologists also focus on the idea that self-care is an everyday priority, it is not something that can wait. Continue reading “The Things Psychologists Do Everyday to Feel Happy”

Wellness Retreat | Sunny Destinations that Renew

Wellness Retreat

When we plan a vacation we often think about booking an all inclusive resort that comes with unlimited food, alcohol, and Sun. There’s a huge market for products and services that promise to get you in shape for your vacation pictures… but what if your vacation was a way to enhance your health regiment.

The new generation of popular getaways is known as “Wellness Retreat”. Continue reading “Wellness Retreat | Sunny Destinations that Renew”