The POWER of a Four Handed Massage

Your job or education and daily activities can be a load of stress and a toll on your body and mind. Today we will discuss the four handed massage that is twice more relaxing! If you feel relaxed during a normal two-handed massage, imagine how much better you’ll feel after you receive a massage with four hands.

What is a four handed massage you ask?

A Fourhanded, massage is exactly as it’s said, it’s a massage where two therapists work on you at the same time while mirroring each other’s movements. For example, both your legs and arms are being massaged at the same time, in the same spot.  Or one therapist works on the right side of your back while the other works on the left. The four handed massage should feel as though the two therapists were one person.

This type of massage takes months of training and practicing in order to achieve a synchronized fluid movement between the two therapists.

Why is it better then a regular massage?

When you receive a fourhanded massage it targets a larger area of your body and your state of mind feels far more relaxed then an ordinary massage. It is however twice the cost of a regular massage, but its well worth the extra hands that leave you completely enveloped in a deep state of relaxation. Once I experienced this massage I told myself that I would never go back to a regular two-handed massage.

Benefits of a four handed massage:

  • The massage relaxes and realigns muscles
  • It also improves blood circulation, reduces pain and breaks down muscle knots
  • Finally it puts the mind into a total state of relaxation because it engages both hemisphere of the brain. This is caused during the balanced and synchronized massage movements felt on both sides of the body, which puts the mind into a total state of relaxation. When your brain can’t keep up with the sensation it “lets go” and your mind enters a worry free state of mind. That is when your mind and body starts to relieve itself from stressful thoughts of anxiety.

Why is this state of mind so benificial?

When your mind “lets go” of its thoughts, you begin to feel refreshed. That is when your mind start to reset its thought process and starts to achieve a better mindset of the world around you.

In my own personal experience after receive my first fourhanded massage, I felt as if I’ve gone into a meditative state of mind and reborn feeling rejuvenated and young again. I wasn’t sure if a human or an octopus gave me such a wonderful and synchronized massage. I highly recommend everyone to experience at least once in his or her lifetime a four handed massage. However, be warned that after your first four handed massage, you might want to always book this type of massage in the future!

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