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About Gina McDonald

Gina McDonald is a NCBTMB Board certified Licensed Massage Therapist with 25 years of experience and she loves to help others be their best. Please join her with open minds and willing hands to have an interactive learning experience!

She is a Fort Wayne native but has spent more than 8 years living in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, and returned to the Summit City a huge Green Bay Packers fan. She has been practicing massage since 1997 and she loves helping others not only feel better but actually BE BETTER. Gina believes if she can make the world a happier and healthier place through her massage work, then her life is both meaningful and successful. Making a difference in the muscles so that life can happen without restriction is what Gina loves most about being a therapist. She accomplishes this by a number of different treatments and specialties including Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Trigger point, Craniosacral, Prenatal, Stretching, Reflexology, and Scar Tissue Release. Gina absolutely loves teaching massage, but in her down time she enjoys playing with her dogs as well as traveling to teach continuing education for other Massage Therapists in the United States. Her dream is to one day own and help run a school, furthering her success in teaching other therapists how to help their own clients.

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Couples Massage Class

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What is a couple’s class? Come and enjoy a fun and interactive class where you and your favorite person can learn how to help each other feel better. Each couple will spend half the time massaging their partner and then other half of the time receiving from their partner. Don’t have a soulmate interested in coming to class? Bring your favorite friend, family member, etc. The class is 3hrs in length and with the instructors on hand helping you feel and learn how to soothe each other’s trouble spots everyone is sure to feel better by the end!

What do I need to know? Come in comfy clothes, we will provide sheets, oils, music, and massage tables. You will take turns being worked on and working on each other. There will be a massage tool giveaway as well as a raffle for a half priced couples massage at Massage Works Therapy Center!

This class is being held at two different times on March 12th, at the Hilton Garden Inn Fort Wayne & Homewood Suites 8615 US-24 West, Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Saturday March 12th, 10am-1pm and 2-5pm.

*Sign up for 1 of the 2 class times! Call 260-267-5718 for assistance

Massage Therapy Self-Care Class

Taking care of yourself in the field of Massage Therapy is vital for career longevity. Whether it’s practicing the correct body mechanics or getting the correct angles for effective work, I enjoy helping therapists work smarter not harder!

Good self-care preserves us in our work, and aids in maintaining our work/life balance. Healthy habits, stretching, good sleep, regular massage, and using the right tools in sessions all matter and we will discuss this as a group in class.

By the end of this course, you will physically feel better, be more equipped to perform your skills effectively, and refreshed and ready to work! Join us!

Deep Tissue Techniques Class

Deep tissue is the most requested massage style on the planet. Some would say though it’s the most requested it’s still so subjective as an experience. So how to we reconcile what clients say they want, with what they really want or actually need?

This class discusses that and so much more! We will understand how to work effectively and efficiently to preserve our bodies and still have our clients happy with their session outcome.

We will practice deep tissue work during this class so that I can see your body mechanics and help you immediately with any opportunities for improvement. You will also give and receive deep work for your own personal benefit this day!

Come and learn techniques that will help you work smart, reach the client’s goals, and help you not feel worn out for the next session!
Massage Therapy classes

Massage Therapy classes