Massage Therapy Health Benefits

Massage has been used for thousands of years to help relax and relieve muscles from pain. Massage therapists have developed and fine tuned many massage styles throughout the years. The techniques through movement and pressure (light touch, firm pressure, hard pressure) created several types of massages that can be applied to different parts of the body to promote healing. There are a lot of health benefits to getting a massage from anxiety, pain relief of injuries and to generally promote healthier living. 

Massage is also organic or natural, in the sense that it does not use the conventional pain treatment methods through pain killers. Instead it is considered an alternative medicine that can help ease pain. Increased relaxation through massage can help with addressing the psychological aspects of pain.

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Post Op-Lymphatic Massage

Why is Lymphatic Massage necessary? 

Cosmetic surgeries all produce swelling as it is part of the body’s normal healing process. Liposuction and tummy tucks can disrupt the natural pathways taken by the lymphatic system due to the surgery location. This can cause a build up of fluids (or swelling). Some patients experience lumpiness to the areas affected with liposuction, which is normal for most patients after surgery. The lumpiness is caused by trauma from the surgical instrument that is used under the skin to extract fatty tissue. The tunnels which are created by the surgical instrument can fill with fluid and left-over fat and become swollen. This fluid and left-over fat tends to begin to harden 1-3 weeks after surgery; however, Lymphatic Massage can help combat against this!

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Fight Acne With Essential Oils

Essential oil

We all experience acne, especially in our teenage years; so today we are going to discuses some treatments for a healthier skin. Acne starts when out pores become clogged with debris, excess oil production and dead skin cells. It can also occur due to stress, hormone imbalance and lack of sleep.

We always advise people to go natural before turning to harsh chemicals because these products cause side effect and irritate your skin. Further damaging you’re skin and adding to the problem. Natural oils are full of minerals, vitamins and essential contents for a healthier, spot and blemish free skin.

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Eating your way to hydration

Eating your way to hydration

Having a good daily intake of water is essential to your health. It is scientifically proved that your body is composed of 60% water. This water helps your body function and maintain itself throughout the day. Drinking enough water is important to keep the body actively working around the clock with digestion, transference of nutrients and body temperature maintenance. It also keeps your skin clear and glowing full of heath. Water also helps your body flush out toxins that can affect clogged pores that cause acne. This flushing process also keeps your kidneys functioning properly by transporting waste/urine into the bladder to later be disposed of. Continue reading “Eating your way to hydration”

Organic skin care – A Facial massage is your friend

Facial massage

Health is something we often all strive to have, but sometimes it can be difficult to achieve. Unarguably health is valuable because without it we aren’t able to enjoy everything around us without it. Society has begun to make the connection between health and the quality of our lives, which is why it is becoming a growing priority.

Between fitness fads and super foods there is no doubt that corporations want to cash in on this trending topic. Often many of these commercialized fads fade because their quick fix’s for health result in a lot of disappointed consumers who move onto the next big thing. It is understandable that we internalize the convenience of the twenty first century which everything can be done faster. Between online shopping, e-transfers, and next day shipping, everything we need to accomplish in a day can get done a lot faster then it did ten or five years ago. We realize this and think the same about our health. We believe that there’s some quick fix to erase years of bad habits that are detrimental to our health… but let’s face it, that’s not true. To improve almost anything long-term it requires dedication.

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