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On-site Massage

Individual or Event on-site Massage

Receive a massage in the comfort and convenience of your workplace

Onsite massage is a wonderful way to bring positive atmosphere to a Corporate wellness program by refreshing and energizing your employees. Massage therapy has been proven to reduce work related issues such as stress, anxiety, muscle tension, carpal tunnel symptoms, with the added benefits of increasing employee productivity in the workplace!

On-site Massage Therapy

Your employee productivity is highly important. A team of stressed and fatigued employees creates a bad atmosphere and slows down your deadline. With our help we will destress and energize your employees. Imagine the productivity level increase when employees feel rejuvenated and happy.

Massage Works Therapy Center is the leading therapeutic massage and wellness service in Fort Wayne. We can comfortably say we have the best onsite corporate wellness program & plan in the industry! A certified massage therapist or more will come to your workplace with all everything need. Employees remain fully clothed and no lotion is required. Your employees can request a particular body region and we will address and pinpoint the area to relieve the pain

Our minimum booking slots consists of just 2 hours, don't hesitate contact us now!
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