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Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy sessions relieve pain, stiffness, stress, and discomfort from the daily strains we put our bodies through. Massage is a direct form of therapy which targets exactly where the issues reside. Massage Therapy does this by dealing with the problems not only directly, but also naturally, and without the use of medication. The muscles are not only relieved but are brought back to the time before the issue arose.

Massage promotes a healthier mind, body and soul. If you've been suffering from aches and pains, chronic illness, knots, and stress then massage therapy may be able to help. You can also read our blog article on how Massage Therapy can help relieve your chronic pain.

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Senior Massage therapy

Massage Enhancements

CBD Enhancement: Choose between our 800mg full spectrum hemp oil to be used during your massage or two of our 8mg CBD Patches (16mg total). You may also purchase both together for $30 to achieve maximum pain relief!

Hot Stones: If you have tight, tense muscles, or maybe you are always cold and cannot stay warm, then this service is for you! Let your massage therapist melt away the pain by supplementing your service with our hot stones enhancement.

Free Massage Add-ons

Aromatherapy: Choose any of our Wyndmere essential oils to be used with lotion or coconut oil during your massage and infused into your room. Let the natural properties of the oil aid in relaxing you and relieving your stress

Intense Rapid Releif: Like a therapeutic jackhammer for muscle knots and tension! Extremely helpful when you have tough muscles tissue. Try to see if it's what you have been missing from you session!

First Visit Massage

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For your first visit massge therapy session we will offer you our member rate of only $75, regularly $100. This first visit rate applies to all of our massage services, which incudes a deep tissue massage, a relaxation massage and a reflexology massage. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in order to fill out the mandatory form.

Relaxation Massage

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Promotes general well-being, while boosting the circulatory & immune system to benefit blood pressure, muscle tone, digestion & skin tone. You'll leave feeling rejuvenated & refreshed.

Couples Massage

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Our couples massage is a great way to show someone you care. Whether you need deep tissue or just want to relax with your spouse, friend, or family member, our couples massage is the answer.

Deep Tissue Massage

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We will start off light to relax the surface muscles so that the thearpist can eventually get to the muscles underneath (hence deep tissue). Many of the physical issues we have after receiving an injury or strain affects all the muscles in the area. This is why a therapist has to get to all the muscles to get all the kinks out.

Prenatal Massage

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Prenatal massage is popular during pregnancy for back pain when choices for pain relief, such as medication, are often limited. It helps to decrease swelling and reduce stress and pain in the muscles & joints. Massage can be beneficial, comforting & providing emotional support during pregnancy.

Reflexology Massage

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Based on a system of reflex points that effect a physical change throughout the body. It can reduce stress, headaches, digestive disorders, arthritis, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, menstrual disorders and digestive problems. Read more about reflexology massage and its history on our blog.

Lymphatic Massage

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Lymphatic Massage is a specialized massage that is recommended by plastic surgeons, after liposuction, to accelerate the recuperation period and reduce swelling. This is done by stroking the areas of the body that process the lymph fluid, and the lymph nodes, by gently pushing the excess fluid back into the lymph passages. This Lymphatic Massage treatment has been demonstrated to show positive results, only after a couple of massage treatments! This treatment is recommended to begin within the first 4-5 days after surgery. For more information visit our blog post about Post Op-Lymphatic massage