Prenatal Massage, Twice the Benefits

Expecting a new addition to your family is an especially exciting time! Unfortunately, nine long months with a growing belly can inevitably lead to back pain. This is natural for the body, as it is responding to the extra weight that is put on the back muscles and joints. Carrying a baby changes the body’s natural center of gravity compromising the integrity of a women’s posture. At an important milestone is can be inconvenient to be disrupted by such discomfort. Prenatal Massage therapy is one of the best natural solutions to relieving this type of pain! Women may think the most convenient fix is asking a loved one to massage the aches and pains but these duties are best left up to the professionals.

A massage from someone who does not have formal education on the muscles and joints within the back can at best stimulate these areas during the massage, but the pain will return only a few seconds later. To address this pain long in the term it is best to consult a massage therapist. A massage therapist possesses the correct techniques to relax the back and understands the areas that need attention the most. With the help of a massage therapist, you are able to work as a team to communicate where you are experiencing pain and the best treatment that is right for your needs.

Prenatal Massage Therapy promotes all of these benefits:

Hormone Regulation – Studies have shown that massage therapy boost dopamine and serotonin levels within pregnant women giving their mood an improvement. Massage therapy also decreased hormones related to stress in these women providing a better sense of relaxation directly after and days following their treatment.

Decreases of Swelling– The swelling of the joints during pregnancy is caused by a decrease of blood circulation. Massage can soften the stressed tissue to improve the movement of fluid within joints.

Better Sleep– A gentle massage can assist in the oxygenation of soft tissue and muscles. These benefits can go straight to the fetus as well. This means when it’s time for bed, your body can be relaxed and ready for a full nights sleep.

Improve Labour Outcomes– Changes in the body, whether is by hormone’s or joint and muscle pain, can sometimes lead to complications. It can be as little as discomfort to affect the baby’s weight. Some healthcare professionals swear by Prenatal massage therapy as a pregnancy regiment.

Keep in mind if you choose to seek massage therapy during a pregnancy that it’s at an establishment that is trained in prenatal massage. Massage Works has been offering prenatal massage with the safest care to our clients on custom pregnancy massage beds. Consider this service for both the mind and body, times two!

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