Organic skin care – A Facial massage is your friend

Health is something we often all strive to have, but sometimes it can be difficult to achieve. Unarguably health is valuable because without it we aren’t able to enjoy everything around us without it. Society has begun to make the connection between health and the quality of our lives, which is why it is becoming a growing priority.

Between fitness fads and super foods there is no doubt that corporations want to cash in on this trending topic. Often many of these commercialized fads fade because their quick fix’s for health result in a lot of disappointed consumers who move onto the next big thing. It is understandable that we internalize the convenience of the twenty first century which everything can be done faster. Between online shopping, e-transfers, and next day shipping, everything we need to accomplish in a day can get done a lot faster then it did ten or five years ago. We realize this and think the same about our health. We believe that there’s some quick fix to erase years of bad habits that are detrimental to our health… but let’s face it, that’s not true. To improve almost anything long-term it requires dedication.

This is especially true for the health and wellbeing of our skin! How we take care of our skin in the now will not only reflect in the coming weeks or months, but also years down the road. One of the most common harms to skin is on our face and it is done by the sun. The damage created by the sun on unprotected facial skin may only, at worst, result in a slight burn now. Years down the line those burns show up as sunspots and wrinkles. That says a lot about how important it is to be diligent now about our skin so we don’t face the consequences later in life.

Everyone’s skin is different and that’s why a professional facial can be a lot more rewarding to our skin then a drug store product. Aestheticians can have an educated look at your skin to determine the right treatment for your skin type and for your desired results.  Facials are a deep invigorating treatment customized to your skin by a professional to supplement the gaps in your daily skin regiment. It is also a time to relax and feel good about investing in yourself so you feel good from the outside in. Since our skin cycle sheds an estimated 3 to 4 weeks, it is recommend to book a facial at least one a month to maximize the benefits.

Professional Facials

A Deep Clean – pollutants, toxins, and debris get trapped in our pores. Many brand name products aren’t able to reach past the first few layer of our skin to remove these build ups.

Efficiency – Not only are the products on your skin, but the techniques used to apply them promote blood and oxygen flow. At Massage Works Therapy Center we offer Hungarian facials which are considered to be a work out for your skin.

Extractions – Removing a blemish on your face is not a DIY project. Depending on the type of blemish and the stress you apply to it can result in scares. Leave this up to the professionals so they are ensure the integrity of your skin.

Customization –  Our skin can have a combination of issues and many products just focus on fixing one. Most times we don’t see results because the other problems went ignored. A professional facial is able to address more then one issue and ones specific to your skin.

At Massage Works we wanted to offer this service to suit a range of skin types from acne to aging skin. In addition we understand that everyone’s busy schedule may make skin health hard to fit in so whether you have 15 or 60 minutes we have you covered. We use a range of products from the brand Eminence which is all Organic. We confidently stand by the use of this organic line because harsh chemicals and toxins are not something we want to put on your skin. At the end of your service we are able to recommend products from the Eminence line that you can purchase in order take home to continue your journey of a healthy skin!