Men Need Massages Too!

Massage Therapists can agree that it is most often Women who are seeking out their services. In many cases, the first time men book their first appointment for a massage it was because a loved one pushed them to do so. Not always, but in some instances, society has pushed women to feel obligated to be nurturing not only to others but also to themselves. More often men wait until their aches and pains become unbearable that they choose to speak up about their discomfort and seek help. Massage therapy is a legitimate medical service that many benefit from. It’s completely different from the cosmetic services offered by spas so no one should feel vain about seeking massage therapy. All our health issues cannot only be solved by your doctor or with a prescription. Massage therapy is actually one of the best natural alternatives for pain relief. Not only should Men look into adding massage therapy to their regiment but also there are many instances in which make great candidates for massage therapy.

For example:

– Occupations that require high intensity or labor can strain muscles that induce pain.

– A hobby such as sports or the outdoors can be stressful and are also higher risk for injuries.

– Desk jobs can leave you sitting in the same position for hours, restricting the body and creating imbalances.

– Statistics show that men over 45 are at higher risk for high blood pressure. This leads to more problems of blood clots, stroke, and heart failure. With the correct massage techniques, massage can circulate blood flow reducing high blood pressure.

– Ignoring self-care can create stress and anxiety which is something that can be relieved through the services of your RMT.

Massage therapy is simply a time to recharge! Hard work generally means long hours that can take time away that could be spent with family and friends. It’s important to be reminded that managing your health is a top priority for the quality of life. Your time is precious so make sure that when you have free time that you are able to relax and enjoy it. Making sure you’re on top of your health so your free time isn’t hindered by the stresses of life.

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