Simple Ways Everyone Can Destress

The weekend is the best time to take a few moments for yourself to relax and restore. Getting rid of stress is easier said than done. No one chooses to have stress but is simply a part of life and a direct reflection on the events currently going on in our lives. There are a few simple ways of making changed to achieve a greater piece of mind. Just as the body has a response to stress it also responds quickly to methods of relaxation. As you head home after a long week of work consider some of these suggested simple steps.

Go for a Walk

Don’t be alarmed, no one’s expecting you to do sprints! Just take a walk around your neighbourhood or an area with some scenery. Even if it’s only 10 minutes you are still allowing your body to dial down. Not only does it give you time to clear your head but also releases endorphins.

Turn Off Your Phone

Our phones keep use in constant connection with the rest of the world and sometimes it can be difficult to not always be on your phone. As you flip through Emails, Twitter or your Facebook feed your mind is being stimulated by all this information. At times it can even be overwhelming for the brain, especially if you are on your phone for long periods of time. Talking to someone can even raise your blood pressure. Turning off your phone may put you at ease, as you won’t be so preoccupied with feeling that you need to constantly be on it.


You don’t need to go an expensive yoga studio to get some quality meditation. There are plenty of videos online (YouTube) that lead you through various types of meditation. You can choose anywhere from one minute to an hour. Mediation attempts to clear your mind of all your thoughts so your brain can take a break. This method really does make a difference!

Sleep In

This is not a reality for everyone but even if its only one day a week. The body has a natural sleep cycle that allows you to wake up in your lightest sleep. Letting this happen naturally lets your body take the time it needs to get the needed amount of rest. Nothing is better than waking up every once in awhile without an alarm going off.

Power Nap

Once you’ve hit your mid-day wall of energy its always a good idea to take a nap. The process of falling asleep is quite relaxing within itself. 20 minutes lay down can restore your body as much of an hour of extra sleep. 20 minutes also keeps your body within the lightest sleep cycle so it shouldn’t affect your bedtime.

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