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Pain Relief Massage

Massage therapy is a great way to combat pain suffered chronically or by injury. Our therapists use customized techniques to treat your tense, sore, and unattended to muscles.

Relaxation Massage

Occasionally we just need some time to ourselves to relax and destress. A relaxation massage will help the mind and the body come to a balanced level of mental and physical relief.

Massage Therapy in Fort Wayne

At Massage Works Therapy Center, we offer a wide range of services. Our most popular massage services include: Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Reflexology, Lymphatic, *Couples, and Prenatal. We also offer Esthetics such as *award-winning Eminence Custom Facials and select waxing services. Our staff is trained to provide the most quality and customized treatment to aide in our client’s wellness, self-care, pain relief, and recovery.

*Online booking, Couples massage, and Facial services offered at the Jefferson Massage therapy location Only
Facial services available at massage Works Therapy Center

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