Fight Acne With Essential Oils

We all experience acne, especially in our teenage years; so today we are going to discuses some treatments for a healthier skin. Acne starts when out pores become clogged with debris, excess oil production and dead skin cells. It can also occur due to stress, hormone imbalance and lack of sleep.

We always advise people to go natural before turning to harsh chemicals because these products cause side effect and irritate your skin. Further damaging you’re skin and adding to the problem. Natural oils are full of minerals, vitamins and essential contents for a healthier, spot and blemish free skin.

Essential oils can help fight off and prevent future breakouts. They can also help reduce scares and eliminate blemishes on your skin. Once again they are natural and don’t contain any toxic ingredients. Before starting any type of regime is important to figure out what might be causing your acne. You’ll also want to experiment with different types of oils to find the best one for your skin and don’t hesitate to combine them together.

Our recommended 4, best essential oils to use for acne

Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil is my top favorite to use and it naturally has antimicrobial and antifungal components that are known to reduce inflammation. It is created from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant by distilling the leaves to create a liquid substance. Studies have proven that small amounts can treat mild to moderate acne.

Grapeseed oil

Highly rich in vitamin E, the oil will help diminish clogged pores. It also contains linoleic acid that has a natural anti-microbial power.

Sea Buckthorn oil

If you have oil skin Sea Buckthorn oil will help end oily skin and reduce your skins sensitivity to testosterone AND androgens.

Lavender oil

The compounds in Lavender oil are said to soothe the skin by breaking down the oils and bacteria causing acne.

Before you start with Essential Oils

To use the essential oil you will always want to dilute it first before applying it your face. Always try a small amount before applying it to your whole face. This will help to make sure your skin isn’t sensitive to the ingredients. Do some research on your own or contact a dermatologist to figure out how potent it is, especially if you are pregnant or plan on using it on your child’s acne

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