Hard vs. Soft Wax Hair Removal

Summertime bikinis, short shorts, and tank tops means some special attention to hair removal needs to be taken into consideration. Over the years numerous articles and bits of information on hair removal have been published promising the best advise on how to get rid of unwanted hair. The two most low cost ways, shaving and waxing, still prevail to be the most popular methods of removing hair. While shaving can be done on your own and at home, regular maintenance can be tedious. Waxing does cost more up front but results do last much longer, so the initial investment might actually spare you some money in the long run.

Waxing is better then shaving

A shave might only last you a couple of days, while waxing typically lasts from 3 to 6 weeks depending on your hair growth. Waxing lasts longer because it pulls the hair out by the roots. Whereas shaving removing hairs from the skins surface.

Best waxing results

In order to start waxing and for it to be effective, you have to allow your hair to grow for a bit; we recommend a quarter of an inch because it allows the wax to properly latch onto the hair.

When choosing to wax you have two options available, hard wax and soft wax.

Soft wax is applied to the skin very thin and best suited for large areas. Once applied the wax is removed with a paper strip. After the wax treatment the esthetician has to apply a wax remover or some sort of oil that dissolves the wax from the area. The application also calms inflammation and hydrates the skin to help it regenerate healthy. Typically used on your legs, and arms.

Hard wax is used for areas around the face. It is applied as a warm liquid that hardens much thicker then soft wax and typically leaves no sticky residue like soft wax would. Hard wax doesn’t use paper stripes and is removed using your hands. It is typically used on the upper lip, eyebrows, and any other areas of the face, as well as areas surrounding your bikini line.

Why can’t hard wax be applied to larger areas on the body?

If you try to apply hard wax in a large area, such as on the legs, it will break into pieces during removal.

Why is hard wax better for small areas?

Hard wax latches onto small hairs better then soft wax would and thus reduces the need to wax an area twice. The heat also causes the pores to open, allowing it to remove the hairs much easier.

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