Can a homemade facial replace a professional spa?

Homemade facials and face masks are quick and relatively cheap. They also make us feel good about our self image. As you read this article the ingredients and house hold items needed to create a facial might even be in your own home. For example:

The Banana Facial is an all-natural, homemade facial that’s super cheap and takes little to no time to prepare. All you have to do is mash up a single banana and apply it evenly to your face. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then rinse it off your face with cold water. This remedy is rich in potassium and moisture; it’s supposed to leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft.

However there are benefits to seeking professional help for your skin conditions. By visiting aesthetician you unlock a chest of knowledge and expertise on treating different types of problems. They also have the ability to formulate a product to your skin condition. They can also advise you of home treatments so you can avoid problems and contradictions; you want to avoid an allergic reaction and further damage your skin.

A women explains about her experience with a home-made facial that went horribly wrong:

I tried a honey, banana, sugar, lemon mask. But I didn’t see any results. [Read] about apple cider vinegar [homemade facial mask] and decided to try it. I diluted it quite a bit and after using it, I can’t reccomend it to anyone. My face is never sensitive, but the vinegar caused a dryness that now looks like a sore rash all on the bottom of my face. My skin cracked and bled. Now I have to go a few days without putting anything on my face, cause anything I do burns in a way that I want to cry and scream. Be careful using this stuff, and if anything, only use it to spot treat. I didn’t see a reduction in my breakouts either – I feel so ugly right now [that] I can’t even leave the house.

Don’t risk ruining your skin before a special event, contact Massage Works FW and speak with a professional aesthetician before trying any homemade facials/face masks.

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