Massage Therapy Health Benefits

Massage has been used for thousands of years to help relax and relieve muscles from pain. Massage therapists have developed and fine tuned many massage styles throughout the years. The techniques through movement and pressure (light touch, firm pressure, hard pressure) created several types of massages that can be applied to different parts of the body to promote healing. There are a lot of health benefits to getting a massage from anxiety, pain relief of injuries and to generally promote healthier living. 

Massage is also organic or natural, in the sense that it does not use the conventional pain treatment methods through pain killers. Instead it is considered an alternative medicine that can help ease pain. Increased relaxation through massage can help with addressing the psychological aspects of pain.

What Are the Health Benefits of Massage?

Although massage therapy offers relaxation, it goes beyond this. Here are a few health problems that can benefit from receiving a massage on a daily basis.

Massage Therapy for Pain

Massage therapy is considered to be a form of relaxation, but it is a legitimate therapy for pain. Depending on the location of your pain a massage therapist will perform a specific massage therapy style to combat this pain. 
Massage Therapy relaxes muscles, tendons and joints when indulging in the tranquility of the massage. The massage will stimulate the blood flow and release pain/pressure on nerves in the troubled location of the body. It will also help release knots of muscle tension relieving the pain.

A study published in 2016 to correlate the Impact of Massage Therapy and Pain demonstrated that massage therapy was an effective tool against pain management and treating for a better quality of life.

Based on the evidence, massage therapy, compared to no treatment, should be strongly recommended as a pain management option. Massage therapy is weakly recommended for reducing pain […] and improving mood and health-related quality of life

In another study published, Five-week outcomes from a dosing trial of therapeutic massage for chronic neck pain, found that multiple 60-minute massages per week helped improve chronic pain after only receiving 4 weeks of treatment. This study is amazing because it proves that people’s lives can alter for the better in just 4 weeks of treatment. We offer a membership plan for long term wellness with massage discounts and perks that are worth checking out.

A massage reduces anxiety

During a massage the body goes into a physiological relaxation response. In this state your heartbeat and breathing rate slow down along with your hormone levels. Our body releasesincreased amounts of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, decreased cortisol and increased tissue elasticity. This is the opposite of the fight-or-flight state experienced during anxiety or stress. 

Massage therapy helps relax your body and/or your mind simultaneously. When you’re stressed your body becomes tense but during a massage the muscles in your body release muscle tension. A massage can help with muscle tension by spreading the muscle fibers and tissue caused by the constant state of guardedness from being stressed. The relief of tightness and tension through massage therapy will decrease your mental stress.

Finding a massage therapist in Fort Wayne

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