Beginners Guide to Relive Stress with Essential Oils

The five senses are incredibly important to our brain function. The way we taste, touch, smell, see, and hear sends messages to our brain, and the way our body responds to it comes from the way our brain reacts. A scent is one sense that often doesn’t get enough credit for the way it can affect our mood and behavior. There are chemical senses in our nose that detect a scent once floating molecules have reached the nose and begin to dissolve in the mucus. Once our receptors recognize the scent, the brain perceives these orders and can remind us of people, places, or events associated with this scent.

When it comes to natural medicine, scents are a great way to remedy stress. This can include a series of essential oils that can improve your sleeping, energy level, the restoration of your equilibrium, and other factors that affect stress levels. Drugstores carry all different types of essential oils that are relatively cheap to purchase. They come in a three variations: roll on, cream, and liquid form. It can be a simple as rubbing a few drops on your temples or you can even add them to your shower to make an aromatherapy steam room.

Introductory on essential oils that can be used as a home remedy to de-stress

• Rose: oil power house, helps with all stress issues.
• Chamomile: soothing, calming.
• Lavender: soothing, eliminates nervous tension, pain relief.
• Marjoram: soothes emotional pain and grief.
• Vetiver: rebalances and reduces anger.
• Bergamot: calming and helps with minor anxiety.
• Lemon: lowers heart rate in less than 10 minutes and helps with sleep.
• Sage: cleansing, will help to clear mind and feel refreshed.

It is recommended that essential oils are used individually, but can be combined together as part of an aromatherapy regiment. The easiest way to introduce essential oils into your life style, is during a 10-minutes break period. In which you can use this period of time to sit back, relax, and allow it to work its magic.

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