Post Surgery Massage Therapy

Recovery from a surgery could involve weeks or even months of rehabilitation to nurture the area back to full health. Although massage is seen as a form of relaxation, using massage to feel better after surgery and heal faster is the oldest method of recovery, and it works wonders! Massage therapy can help the area not only heal faster, but also relieve pain and discomfort along the healing process. Doctors will usually recommend a physical therapist and a massage therapist to regain full functionality.

Pain Reduction With a Massage

After surgery the area will feel very tender and especially painful in areas that require movement. Therapeutic massage helps minimize and reduce post surgery pain. A study published by Dr. Justin D. Crane in The Mechanism of Massage, found that massage therapy helps accelerate healing. Massage therapy promoted “additional mitochondria to [form], […] accelerating healing of the muscle, […] and also causing less cellular stress and inflammation.

Some surgical procedures require muscles to be cut and stitched back together, causing a lot of pain, swelling and discomfort; the same thing will happen when your muscle becomes torn. Massage therapy helps promote nutrient rich blood through massage, flushing the old blood out and replacing it with oxygen and nutrient rich blood.

Lastly your muscles after a massage will be relaxed, rejuvenated and less stiff then what you came in with!

Minimize Scar Tissue With a Massage

After surgery you might be left with scar tissue that was formed from collagen fibers causing fibrous tissue to form during the healing process. Untreated scar tissue will usually more prominent as the area is usually a red or purple color.

Massage Therapy can be used as a form to eliminate the appearance and formation of scar tissue. A massage helps reduce and eliminate this scarring by promoting fluid drainage to reduce the surgery swelling. It also helps break down the collagen fibers and help loosen the skin, especially near joints. This will also help improve your joint motion and reduce pain.

Massage to a Faster Recovery

It been proven that visiting a massage therapist reduces your recovery time! Getting a massage will help you get back into your daily routine at a much faster pace. A massage promotes faster healing by manipulating blood flow using massage techniques. This shortens the time it takes for an injury to heal. Maintaining a regular massage after the healing phase also helps prevent the injury from reoccurring.

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