Sports Massage

Physical activities can take a toll on our muscles, and also leave them feeling very fatigued and sore. You’re also more prone to an injury because of the repetitive strain being applied. Sometimes you can feel an injury developing and at other times it can just suddenly happen. Visiting a massage therapist on a regular basis can help reduce injuries. The technique used during a massage depends on the specific sport an athlete does. Depending on the sport, we would also target and focus on certain areas of the body.

Why is a sports massage better then a regular massage?

After speaking with a massage therapist they will specifically target areas and muscle groups you use. There are also different techniques to target tight muscles that occur from everyday movements to those that athletes contact on the playing field.

For example, a soccer player will use his lower half, so a massage therapist will target the hips and legs because those would be the areas most prone to soreness and injuries. By doing this we would reduce strains and sprains in those areas that are repetitively used during the event.

Massage Works FW performs sports massage therapy on athletes to reduce injuries and help speed up recovery time. As an athlete it’s important to always perform at your full potential for optimal performance. A sports massage will greatly reduce the risk of an injury occurring to a muscle or tendon. If you already have an injury a massage can significantly speed up the recovery time needed. A massage helps by improving the blood flow within that area and removing lactic acid from your muscles through varies techniques.

The Sports Massage Therapy we offer:

  • Pre-event massage: A massage to loosen up muscle groups that will be involved immediately before an event.
  • Post-event massage: A massage that targets the muscle groups used during the event.
  • Restorative massage: A massage offering treatment to relieve soreness and recovery.
  • Injury Rehabilitative massage: A Massage to help recover mobility from an injury and nourish the muscles back to full strength.

Sports massage can become apart of a health regiment to keep an Athlete in top shape. At Massage Works we understand that an Athletes body is especially important because it is a tool to enable athletes to participate in their passion for sports. This also means that they’re more susceptible to aches and pains. Massage may be the perfect natural alternative to keep your athletic body in top shape. Book a massage today!