10 Things You May Not Have Known About the Back and Spine

We hope you’re enjoying your week as the weather starts to warm up. Here are a few facts you may not have known about the back and spine!

Back pain is more common amongst women

The most obvious reason that women experience more back pain is because of the extra weight they carry on their front. Clothing is also a factor that can add to the way women experience back pain, including high heels and heavy purses/bags. Not only can these factors cause stress on the back, it can also affect posture.

Cigarettes can deteriorate discs within the spine

Tobacco takes a toll on all tissues within a bodies system. Decades of research have shown that the discs in the spine are weakened by tobacco use and no longer have a cushion between the vertebrae. In turn, the spine is not as shock absorbent as it once was and can’t handle a lot of stress.

It’s a myth that psychically fit people won’t get back pain

It is true that people who are more active are less likely to get back pain. Unfortunately, this does not mean that they can avoid back pain altogether. Doctor’s often suggested exercise regiments that help with back pain, but even exercise itself can cause strain on the back.

The spine is incredibly strong and cannot  be damaged easily

The average human back can withstand up to 220 pounds. Muscles, ligaments, and tendons surround the spine, providing strength. This also means that the back can be quite flexible without incurring some type of strain.

A human is born with 33 vertebrae in their spine but die with 26

As a human grows, 4 vertebrae join together to create a tailbone. Another 5 vertebrae fuse to make a pelvis bone. Thus, for the rest of our adult lives, we are only left with 26 vertebrae’s.

There is no genetic predisposition for back pain

People often think that because their mother or father suffers from back pain they will too. This isn’t true because back pain is not hereditary.

Back injury is the number one cause of disability is the United States

As of 2017 back injury is the number one reported condition that causes someone to be disabled. Back pain is also the leading reason for employees to call in sick.

Astronauts return to earth between 1.5 to 2 inches taller than when they left

In the absences of gravity, the cartilage in the spine expands making Astronauts taller when they return home. This is also the reasoning why humans are taller in the morning than they are before bed.

Most of the pain experienced in the back is resolved within six weeks

90% of people suffering from back pain said that their pain left within six weeks. The tops three methods to cure back pain include prescribed medication, visiting a chiropractor, and psychical therapy.

Only 7% of people in the United States develop chronic back pain

The cause for why back pain happens is often unknown. Fortunately, methods to fix this pain are effective. Therefore there are a very small number of cases the lead to long-term, severe pain.

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