Massage Works Onsite Massage

Thinking of a way to reward your office? Before you book a reservation for an office lunch why not do something for their health!

Working long hours, sitting for long periods of time, and having little time for physical fitness can take a toll on the body. Sometimes the effects of poor muscle and joint health don’t show until years down the road. Some people may not even notice how tight their joints have become until they feel the difference after a massage. Onsite massage can be the perfect way to reward and renew your staff. For those who haven’t had onsite massage may have never considered some of its benefits, here a list we think you should consider:

The Massage Comes To You

This may seem the most obvious but massages are administered in the convenience and comfort of the office space. Massage Work Fort Wayne has special transportable massage chairs that are used for onsite massage. These chairs resemble a traditional massage therapy bed but are easier to set up and take down. The massage is also done fully clothed, therefore minimal time is wasted in the perpetration of this service.

Improves Working Efficiency

Meeting tight deadlines and working long hours are only a few of the things about a job that perpetuates stress. This stress can easily get in the way of meeting workplace goals. Many studies have shown that lower levels of stress in the workplace lead to higher rates of efficiency. Additionally, when employees feel rewarded it boosts moral, which also attributes to higher rates of efficiency. Both these areas can be considered with onsite massage.

The Office Space Can be the Root of Sore Muscles

Sitting in desk chairs, looking at screens and typing for long periods of time are all related to joint pain. The duties in an office often perpetuate soreness in the neck, shoulders and back. Even more concerning is long term affects these activities can lead to such as such as arthritis and carpal tunnel. This concern illustrates why an onsite massage can be so important.

Includes Quantity and Quality

Onsite massage entails a high volume of clients in a short amount of time but does not mean that Massage Works Fort Wayne skips out on quality. Each client is able to request a particular region of the body that they would like the massage to be focused on. Massage Works massage therapist’s are dedicated to listening to the concerns of a client and relieve any pain the client may be facing.

Added Benefit without Adding Benefits

It’s no secret that not every employer offers benefits to their employees. Even more so if employees do have benefits this may not include coverage for massages. Massage therapy is of huge importance to maintain good health both long-term and short-term. Booking an onsite massage for the workplace is the perfect way to show concern for the well-being of employees!